Hiking Down into Bryce Canyon

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My last couple of posts were about getting up early in the morning and catching the sunrise against the hoodoos of the Bryce Canyon amphitheater and then walking around the amphitheater rim. After walking the rim we had to head back to our motel room and check out. Then we went back into the park and hiked down into the canyon. We entered the canyon about 11 am and came back up at 7 pm. Although we hiked for eight hours, we only walked a little over three miles. It was one of our greatest days, walking at our own pace, taking hundreds of photos, laughing at ourselves and our compulsive shutter-clicking. We were amazed at the beauty, the peace and the calm as we walked among nature’s treasures. Below is a map of our walk, highlighted in yellow.  We parked our car at the Sunset Point, walked along the rim to the Sunrise Point and entered the canyon. We stopped at the Navajo Loop Benchmark for lunch and then began the walk out of the canyon. We went through the Queen’s Garden and I have a close-up of the sign below. And below that is a slide show of a selection of the photos I chose to share our walk down into the canyon from Sunrise Point to the Navajo Loop Benchmark. (If you see a photo with the date stamp, it was taken by Jan.)

Close up of the map and the Queen Victoria Sign:

We parked at Sunset Pt, walked to Sunrise Pt and entered the Canyon. The yellow line showes our path.

We parked at Sunset Pt, walked to Sunrise Pt and entered the Canyon. The yellow line showes our path.


Queen Victoria

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