Ten Days Walking the Pilgrims’ Way in Real Time

June, 3. 2018

Ten days of walking through Kent in Southern England happened in ten consecutive days, one day after the other. We will begin our walk  into Canterbury in a few hours. However, the blogging did not happen daily and for that I apologize to anyone following this blog daily as I have followed other travel and/or pilgrim blogs. For those of you on Facebook, you have seen me check in daily and have seen my hiking partner’s (Brian Ellsworth) photos along with some of mine. But for those of you that do not have Facebook, you haven’t heard from me since day five. Rest assured we are fine, every day has gotten better with new and different challenges and adventures.

On day six we went to the Rochester Cathedral and Rochester Castle,  I took so many photos, read so much, was given so much information to process and share . . . Well when I started blogging about it, I just got stalled and could not finish the blog and could not “keep up.” I will finish the blog with the story and the photos, but it obviously will not be in real time. I may not finish Rochester until I am home. My apologies.

Until then . . . 

Rochester Cathedral

Rochester Castle


2 comments on “Ten Days Walking the Pilgrims’ Way in Real Time

  1. Naomi Williams says:

    I have been traveling thru your posts

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