Super Moon, Super Magic

On June 23, 2013, I spent a wonderful evening in the lavender fields of Keys Creek Lavender Farm in Valley Center, California. After walking through fields of full-bloom lavender, with the bees buzzing and the warm summer breezes blowing, we arrived at “the event.” It was a small concert, maybe 75 people entertained by the soothing, whimsical and uplifting jazz of Gregory Page. The sun glowed behind him as wisps of pink cotton candy clouds danced above the hillsides of avocado groves. Toward the end of the concert, the big Supermoon came up behind us, closing a summer night of magic and joy.

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Summers Past

Are you having a busy summer? Too busy sometimes to just sit and relax? Are you tired of the sound of traffic or trying to find a parking place at the beach? Do you want to sit by a stream and listen to a bubbling brook, or walk in a garden that you don’t have to weed, or sit in the shade and drink tea someone else has prepared?

Well, if you are in San Diego County, you can do all of these things without going very far. One of my favorite places in the county is Summers Past in Flynn Springs on Old Highway 80.

You can wander through lavender fields without going to Provence, France. Smell the lavender and listen to the bees. Even this far into summer their gardens are full of color, with benches and quiet little places to sit and read or drink tea. Their craft shop is full of wonderful little gems to buy and their soap shop is one of the best in the county. Their stream runs year round with that pleasant comforting sound of running water.

Here is their official website:

I go there several times a year when I just want a change of pace and a different type of tranquility. Here are some photos of my latest visit. If you haven’t been before, I hope you will give Summers Past a try.

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