The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music

All is going.well with my journey on the Camino de Santiago, but I have a lot of catching up up do.The sound of music in the Pyrennes is not from musc being streamed as WIFI (the Spanish pronounce it WEE-FEE). has been very sparse. I left off with me sitting in the airport in Madrid, waiting for a connecting flight to Pamplona.

The flight to Pamplona was on a small little plane, landing in a small little airport. From the air the joy of travel won over  sleep deprivation as I saw Pamplona from the air; seeing the green hills and getting excited to have my journey begin. I was seeing Spain for the first time. The flight attendant announced everything in Spanish and English, but  I could understand his Spanish better than his English. My instructions from my B&B host ( were to take a taxi and go to the bus station in Pamplona where he would pick me up and take me to his place and transport me to France the following day. I had met Hugo in the Madrid airport, a fellow pilgrim, and we shared the taxi ride and the cost. Hugo is from Miami and a retired American Airline employee that flies for free and is planning to be on the Camino for several months if needed. He did not need to fly on a round-trip ticket. Being bilingual in Spanish and English, Hugo did all the talking to the taxi driver as he spoke no English. Driving through this section of Pamplona, it looked like any other modern city, clean, industrial and busy. Once at the airport Hugo went his way to catch a bus toFrance and I located the spot where I was to meet my host, I had 1 1/2 hours to wait. I tried to start conversation in Spanish to the well dressed urbanites hanging around in the same waiting area but it was quite awkward. They couldn’t understand my Spanish and no one in that hour and a half spoke Enlish. The Pamplona bus station is clean and modern and bustling with well dressed people. When I wasn’t fumbling with talking, I spent the time walking and stretching on a large green grassy area attached to a school next to the bus station.

My stay at the B & B was delightful. Istvan and his wife,Barbara, are Hungarians who have immigrated to Spain. Their love for the Camino and their own experiences on the Camino caused them to buy a big house with extra bedrooms and host pilgrims on their was to St.Jean Piedde Port. Stayng in their place at the same time was an American couple, Joette and Ed from St.Louis;  and another couple and their teenage daughter from Seattle. Everyone was delightful, warm and engaged. My hostesses were willing to accommodate me as a vegetarian, but my vegan status was left in San Dego. I knew it would be difficult to remain a vegan before I left, but Isoon learned it would be impossible, zi went with the flow, eating moderately ad carefully.


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