Day 37 Ribadisco to Salceda

May 20,2016               Friday                           9 miles-left at 9:30, arrived at 3:30
Today we had an easy walk along farms and dairies and through one little modern town. We started with a light breakfast provided by our generous host at Casa Vaamonde. (Pilgrim breakfast is often toast and coffee)

We had an easy climb out of the valley that Ribadisco is in – similar to other days, shaded tree-lined paths, close to farms and it seemed like I saw more chickens today. We didn’t have to worry about mud or rain – once the fog lifted, we had 70 degree weather and sunshine.

We came out of the shaded area into this lovely pastoral scene of freshly harvested hay. Many of the pilgrims were stopping to take off their jackets and a few thei shirts.

Pilgrim from Poland

We passed several more Galicians working that let me take their photo, were actually proud to have been asked.

And then while we were stopping for lunch,  who did I run into but Joette  from St. Louis- who I met on Day 0  -my housemate at the first pension I stayed at just outside Pamplona, my first night in Spain. She had spent some extra days in Pamplona and I was ahead of her and didn’t think I would see her again.  It was so wonderful seeing her and catching up on her stories, and boy did she have some good stories.

The day continued to get wonderfully warm and when we arrived about home for the night,we were so pleased with a spacious room,spacious outdoor  sitting area and a clothesline.  The simple life of a pilgrim. We will enjoy the warm summer-like evening, as rain is forecast for tomorrow and we will have our last long walk -11.2 miles. 


5 comments on “Day 37 Ribadisco to Salceda

  1. Phyllis Weber says:

    So enjoy your blog and taking these days with you and the Lord who guides you. Such a wonderful way to find yourself and regroup the mind. Praying for a safe trip back to the US when you come.

    • Geri Wilson says:

      Phyllis – thank you so much for your kind words. It has been a wonderful journey. I am no longer a pilgrim. Today we took a bus tour to the coast and saw many more historical things and a beautiful coastline. Tomorrow I will go to the Cathedral and spend time around Santiago and then early Wed fly home. Thank you for your prayers of safety.

  2. Marsha says:

    Thank you Geri for including me in your Camino blog – it has been very entertaining and inspiring. You accomplished a huge goal and I hope to hear more from you about your adventure back in S.D.

  3. Naomi Williams says:

    On this trip you have traveled through many types of terrains.

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