Day 36  Melide to Ribadisco

May 19, 2016.           Thursday                              We walked 7 miles. Started at 9:15 am and arrived at 3:15 pm 
Another pleasant day in Galicia.We are watching the km markers along the Camino go down as we make our way closer to Santiago.

Brian, Lee and I came down from our warm, modern, glass in the windows hotel room to discover a buffet breakfast was included with our room. We also discovered the WIFI was working so we had an hour and a half breakfast feasting on local cheeses, fruit, hard boiled eggs, toast, juice and coffee.

We had a 45% chance of rain so we were lingering but finally left Hotel Carlost 96 at 9:15. This is a famil-run business by a Galician family that had immigrated to England, had their children there and returned to Spain to run this hotel. They were all so friendly, helpful and most gracious.

Romanesque church of San Pedro & San Roque in Melide

We stopped at this church in Melide on the way out of town. I thought the door was was so beautiful. The columns make it an example of the Romanesque style. But what I thought was more fascinating was a stone cross next to the church. It is a 14th century cross,the oldest in Galicia. Look closely. One side of the cross has Jesus crucified, nailed to the cross. The other side has Him in Heaven- in Glory. Look closely, one has his hands nailed, the other has His hands raised and appears to be sitting on a throne. I think I can see Him smiling, can you? This cross really fascinated me.

We walked through forest and farm fields, and. looked at small gardens and freshly cultivated fields, taking in the pungent smel of earth, rich soil.  We saw rich estates and crumbling stone buildings. We heard so many birds it was like we were in the aviary at the San Diego Zoo. Every day the Camino in Galicia has more beauty of the soil and spirit. These are gentle proud people, usually so kind and helpful and hard working. 

Brian, Lee and I goofed off with our cameras and ate the local food with gusto. I ran into A from Korea – she was the young woman that kept me from choking on  Day. I was so happy to see an “old timer.”

It feels and sounds like a tropical forest here

We stop every couple of hours. Lee and Brian get cafe con leche, I usually get fresh-squeezed orange juice but today I got a fresh peach. 

We arrived in Ribadisco, had a great lunch of salad and local cheeses  and then our host picked us up and brought us to his very nice “pensione” where we have this room with a view.  Only 3moredays to Santiago.


10 comments on “Day 36  Melide to Ribadisco

  1. Anonymous says:

    Are you getting excited to be in Santiago? Can you believe how much you have walked???

  2. Teresa says:

    Isn’t it just amazingly beautiful and green there? I thought it very interesting that we would see elderly couples in some of the fields tending the crops or planting them. You sometimes would see some equipment, but not usually. Most of the towns hardly had any people in them, and I wondered if the younger people were leaving the areas to get jobs, then you’d see a young family and I was hoping as they got a little older and had their families, they would come back to their towns. More mysteries of life…..

    • Geri Wilson says:

      Every day I am amazed how few people we see – especially young people, unless they are behind a counter serving pilgrims. I had a cousin saying he wanted more local people pictures, and it is really hard to get those photos – candid shots of the life in Galicia.

  3. Kathy says:

    Sounds like you are having so much fun finishing the Camino with Brian and Lee!

    • Geri Wilson says:

      Yes, Kathy, this part of the trip is easier,which makes it more fun – less miles walked each day, stoping to eat more,and then eating more,and hotel or private room reservations every night – totally different to staying in the albergues and the whole day spent getting from pt A to pt B,and some times too tired to do anything but flop in bed. Some days in the beginning I barely ate – I was so tired. It was more serious, I was mostly alone and spent the time either in prayer,gratitude or whining to myself. The whining got less the more I walked, prayed and heard from folks back home. I was never lonely,just alone.

  4. Vicky says:

    Geri these pictures say it all. What a glorious way to end your Camino. The luscious greens, the moss on the trees, just wonderful. You are so blessed to be able to make this trip. I am so envious!

    • Geri Wilson says:

      Thank you for sharing it with me – it is comments like yours that adds to the pleasure of taking the photos, and sharing them. The “stories” are less it seems as we are winding down. But inside I feel so renewed and joyous.

  5. Naomi Williams says:

    The whole trip has been lovely. The end is very beautiful. It is nice that things are going so well for you. You almost there. You must renewed and happy.

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