Day 35 Palas de Rei toMelide

May 18, 2016.       Wednesday.            9miles.  Left at 8 am, arrived 3:30 pm
Today was a cool day again walking in the lush green of Galicia with Brian and Lee. We took our time enjoying every little thing. We straddled mud, we shivered in the fog, we connected to WIFI when we could in the little village cafe and bars to send pictures back home or check email. We even got sprinkled on (very little) as we were approaching Melide. We are walking among gardens and private little farms and barns and fields. It is like the Camino is more personal here with the Galician people. I saw a lady come out of her garden with a bundle of greens, looked like chard and I asked her if I could take her picture and she said no. But she didn’t walk away from me,she followed me and lectured me in Spanish that if I took her picture then everyone would want to. My Spanish isn’t good  enough to know what she was saying for sure, but I clearly understood “otro y otro you otro.”

There are more people every day as we get closer to Santiago, and the Camino is filled with joy and laughter, more day packs than backpacks, tour groups and sore joints and pereginos limping.

We started our day in dodging mud – mud that can suck you under

Just a walk in the woods

12th Century church

 It was a garden like this that the lady was coming out with a bundle of these plants that I wanted to take her picture.

Mom and Pop farmer – took a quickie photo undercover as I walked by

Roman bridge

Another medieval or Roman bridge

I am 30 miles now from Santiago.


3 comments on “Day 35 Palas de Rei toMelide

  1. Vicky says:

    Wow only 30 miles left to Santiago. How does that make you feel? Are you a little saddened thinking that the end is near? Though we look forward to having you back with us, I know that I will miss coming home from work to check for your blogs and your posts on FB. As always, great pictures Geri. I wish I could experience this in person. I, by the way, am glad to hear that your shins are improving. Buen Camino and Vaya con Dios Peregrino!

    • Geri Wilson says:

      Actually, how I feel at the moment, is ready to come home – not oh hurry up and get me home, just really in the moment, ready – knowing it has been an amazing journey and it will end soon. In some ways I wish I had taken longer to do it, spent more time seeing some of the “off road” spots – castles and cathedrals because you are so tired (especially when I was doing more miles a day) – that all you can do is find a bed, get your laundry done (maybe), take a shower (maybe) and eat (maybe). This leg is the trip has been easier doing less miles and staying in private accommodations. But it has been two different experiences and both have been good and rewarding.

  2. Naomi Williams says:

    You are getting closer to the end. this must be a rewarding trip.

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