Day 33 Ferreiros to Castromaior

May 16, 2016  Monday

Walked through beautiful Galicia again with Lee and Brian – 12 miles. Spent the night in a cold frigid pension that was similar to a barn. 

Leaving Portomarin

Stories and more photos later.


3 comments on “Day 33 Ferreiros to Castromaior

  1. Vicky says:

    Yes, I reas about the pensione on FB. It did not sound like a good night, but tonight sounds better.

  2. Jmaynard says:

    Gorgeous photo
    Do I have to enter my name and email.after every comment? Sometimes I am too tired and I dont. So.I don’t know if it hot posted

    • Geri Wilson says:

      This one posted,and it shows me your name every time you post. I don’t know why sometimes I don’t see people’s names and some times I do. Sometimes it just says “someone replied.” Thanks for your interest and comment. You can always go to the blog to see if the comment went thru.:)

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