Day 29 on the Camino – Day of Rest-Triacastela

May 12, 2016      Thursday

Today it rained hard in Triacastela as I took a day of rest from the Camino. I walked two houses over from the little rural pension here (private home like a B & B) to the local urgent care clinic where I was told that I had tendinitis and it was okay to walk on it even with pain – that it would not cause any permanent damage. I am taking Ibuprofen orally and rubbing on anti-inflammatory cream.  Anyhow that is what I think her Spanish meant. I didn’t get a bill. Instead the receptionist took my insurance cards and said Spain would bill the USA – wonder what that will cost me?

I walked a couple more blocks the other way to the center of town to see J from Brazil who is nursing her shin splints. She is taking a taxi to Sarria this afternoon and begin her walking tomorrow. We had lunch together. I had a local delicacy – a Galician cheese called O’Cebreiro cheese – yummy! A soft cheese but not sweet. Very mellow and good. I said good bye to J, I will sure miss her company and sweet demeanor. She has to be in Santiago by May 18.

View from my room in Triacastela

Tomorrow is going to be another rainy day in Galcia, but I am going to try to walk to Sarria – about 14 miles if I choose the alternative route to see a monastery, otherwise it is about 11 miles.  I don’t mind walking in the rain, but I find the mud a hindrance.


6 comments on “Day 29 on the Camino – Day of Rest-Triacastela

  1. Pam Swanson says:

    I hope it goes well for you!!

  2. I love your “room with a view”!

  3. Naomi Williams says:

    I hope that your ankle will hold up. You might consider giving it a little rest

    • Geri Wilson says:

      Oddly enough my ankle is OK as long as I don’t carry my heavy backpack – problem is a shin splint on the other leg that isn’t going away after 2 days of rest. Hit the trail tomorrow pain or no pain.

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