Day 26 Molinaseca to Cacabellos

May 9, 2016.  Monday    Walked 14 miles Left at 8 am, arrived at 5 pm

Today started with sunny skies and the promise of. A delightful day. Most of the day was spent on hard surfaces. I took the long way around the city of Ponferrada and walked right into spring. Like coming down the mountain the day before, flowers were everywhere. Except for a few people I spent the entire day alone photographing flowers. I will share just a sampling here of my walk into Ponferrada.

Mud slide! Am I in So. Calif?

Red poppies are everywhere. I have never seen so many!


A. from Romania saw me taking pictures of flowers and came up to me and started talking  to meand showed me some of his photographs – very good macros! He then went on to tell me about his girlfriend. She was in Romania ,  not on the Camino with him and she had been wanting to break up with him. He said for days he was broken hearted, could hardly eat or sleep. He loved her so much, but after several years she did not love him in the same way. Yesterday at Cruz de Ferro, he left her picture at the cross and said good bye to her. This morning he woke up with an appetite, joy in his heart and was like me,, enjoying the sunshine and photographing the beautiful spring. He said a happy good bye t me as he hurried on his way. 

The growth on the grapevines is so much farther along here – note the city in the background

Ponferrada in the distance

Curvey winding street

And then you turn a corner and see this – all this color among the ancient stones

Ponferrada in the background

Entering the city over the rio Boeza

And then I come around the corner and see the Castillodo los Templarios

The 12thcentury Templar castle wasn’t opened to the public today. Ponferrada  came under the protection of the. Templar Order  by decree of King Fernando II in 1178. The official presence in Ponferrada was outlawed in 1312 and disbanded by the Church, fearful of their increasing power and esoteric traditions.

Beeping thruough the key hole of a closed castle door

The rest of the day was walking a long a river, walking along country roads and little villages. I ran into Mary and Sofia as they were having their lunch and they gave me some of their strawberries. It started raining mid day and rained off and on the rest of the day. I took a few more breaks, but just kept walking and walknig and walking. The last two hours I walked with a lovely couple from Perth, Austrailia,  about my age and we all admitted we were slowing down and it was getting harder not easier.

Eventually I arrived at Cacabellos, with my shins hurting too familiar to shin splints.I went to the farmacia and got some medicine , enjoyed my private room, took a shower, used a blow dryer for the first time since I left San Dieg, and caught up on my laundry. I saw J on the was to the farmacia and shared laundry with Mary and Sofia. I was a lovely day in spite of the shin splints with all the flowers, my fellow pilgrims, the kind Spanish citizens and the lovely countryside. I am a grateful pelegrina.


11 comments on “Day 26 Molinaseca to Cacabellos

  1. kbeezyisviral says:

    Flowers are the essence of true beauty from the soiled roots of winters behest.

  2. Vicky says:

    Sounds like a beautiful day! Have a restful night!

  3. Beautiful photos and beautiful stories! I especially love the history about the Templars…they are fascinating to study! Conspiracy theorists believe they were guardians of the Holy Grail, and that they were the precursors of the modern-day Masons. Interesting stuff! xo

    • Geri Wilson says:

      I know – there are so many theories and stories about the Templars and about a lot of the medieval goings on here in Spain. So much history! So exciting and interesting.

  4. Vicky says:

    Oh Geri, what a lovely day! I enjoyed hearing about and seeing the pictures of the poppies, the castle, the house with flower boxes, and the beautiful winding road in the town. You story of the lost love was wonderful. At first I was wondering where this story was going, then the amazing miracle of freedom from what was torturing that man. I pray that you have relief from your pain, and that today is not so hard. Vaya con Dios friend! 🙏❤️🙏🏃

  5. Pam Swanson says:

    Geri, Thank you so much for sharing this experience, you continue to be in my thoughts everyday!

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