Day 13 Belorado to San Juan de Ortega

April 26, 2016 Tuesday

15 miles Left at 6:50 am arrived at 1:00 pm

It was a wonderful day, though cold, walking in the fog/mist until 11:00 am,  then the sun came out. Steep inclines, 1200 ft elevation gain today. Most of the day was spent walking in a pine forest. Met some wonderful new people and caught up with some met previously on the Camino. Staying in a monastery tonight. Story later .  . . . . .

Walking in the mist in a pine forest, getting into the mtns

Walking down hillinto San Juan de Ortega


8 comments on “Day 13 Belorado to San Juan de Ortega

  1. Anonymous says:

    OOOOH! Take photos of the monastery! How cold is it? xo

  2. Naomi Williams says:

    Looks lovely & beautiful. Seems that you are doing better.

  3. Anonymous says:

    All of the pictures are just beautiful. I hope you like staying at the monastery. Your ankle must be better.

    • Geri Wilson says:

      The monastery was great – even better was the Frecnch mass that I stumbled into because I thought I was signing up for the albergue. All in French – someone handed me a candle and the priest called me forward to put the candle in a special place so I couldn’t sneak out. I sang French when they were repeating the priest. Very wonderful. Jesus is Jesus is any language and so is the communion, though I did not take it. God is good.

  4. Vicky says:

    Geri you are killing it time wise these last couple of days. Looks like you are hitting your stride. So proud of you and always looking forward to your blogs, messages, and photos wherever posted. I look forward to hearing more. Buon Camino!

    • Geri Wilson says:

      I am doing “OK” when the terrains is not so steep. I think it is going to be rather flat for the next couple of days – hope, hope. Thanks for your interest and feedback. No WIFI in albergue so you won’t hear from me until tomorrow probably. I have loved the day of rest in Burgos (because we got here so early) Did some shopping etc. Also I am not carrying my backpack yet. That helps.

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