Day 8 Los Arcos to Logrono

Day 8 Los Arcos to LogronoApril 21, 2016. Thurs. 17.3 miles. Walked 11.4 miles Bus ride 5.8mile
Started at 7:15 a.m.,, arrived. 4. P.m.
My old ankle injury flared it’s painful head today and I finished my Camino on a local bus along with about eight other pilgrims.


Approaching the hill town of San Sol in the mist,


A typical Camino view – walking in beauty all day long


Story later . . . .


7 comments on “Day 8 Los Arcos to Logrono

  1. Vicky says:

    I pray for healing and comfort for your ankle and your heart. You have given yourself some time for healing. The picturesque scenery is lovely and peaceful. I am proud of you on this pilgrimage.

  2. Teresa says:

    Hi Geri….your posts are bringing back so many memories. Tortillas de Patatas…..delicious and filling! You talk about self criticism several times which I also went through. When you walk for miles and miles, there is so much time for self reflection. Just remember that you are who you are because of the decisions you’ve made along “your way” through life. You’ve become a stronger woman because of what you’ve been through. Forgive yourself and be thankful for the opportunities that you’ve been given to improve yourself. And in relation to the camino….no one cares how fast or slow, if you take the bus or transport your bags or anything else you’re doing…..It’s your Camino and you do it as it fits you and no one else. Keep making those reservations, it alleviates the stress of where you’ll stay. Buen Camino Peregrino!


    I am enjoying your Camino and wish for you strength and health !! You are so brave some of us can only dream of doing it @time…Buen camino peregrino 🙂 Yolanda

  4. Naomi Williams says:

    Glad that you took a bus to rest your ankle. Area is beautiful

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