The Pilgrim’s Passport


The Pilgrim’s Passport

This came in the mail the other day. It is what I will carry with me on my pilgrimage to document my journey. I will have it first stamped at St. Jean Pied de Port in France where I will begin. It will be stamped at various places along the way, hostels and villages. I am sure I will learn more about this when I am on the Camino.




Stamps will go in these little squares.


It’s official – it belongs to me

The last time I posted, I said that my training goal for the following week was to walk one day at least 12 – 15 miles. Well, I did it. I walked from my house to the airport (14 1/2 mi), from the airport to the trolley at the Sante Fe Depot (2 1/2 mi) and from the trolley station back to my house (1 1/3 mi) – it added up to an 18 1/3 mile day – I met my goal.

My training goal for this week is to walk two days in a row over 12 miles. Wish me luck!



That’s me in my hiking gear, Terminal 1 – San Diego International Airport – training hike.


2 comments on “The Pilgrim’s Passport

  1. Virginia says:

    Yea!! I’m in!! I am so excited to be able to follow you on this amazing quest!! I will be so looking forward to every word and picture!!

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