Maybe Half, Maybe Not

Last Saturday I set out to hike 15 miles, by myself up Cuyamaca and Stonewall Mountains. Because I was afraid of running into a mountain lion in the early dawn, I began at 8 am. That is really too late to start a 15 mile hike (for me). It was a beautiful clear warm day (mid-80’s). I learned a few important lessons on this training hike. For one thing, I had frozen my camel back the night before and did not lay it flat in the freezer. Although the cold water was  refreshing on the warm day, the wrinkled camel back felt like heavy fist poking me for most of the day. Note to self: lay the camel back flat!

Here are the photos I posted on Facebook with comments of my journey:

I have organized my training hikes into three venues and will rotate them during the summer months: 1) the beach (sea level), 2) the local mountains (elevation 4,000 – 6,000 feet) and 3) Mission Trails: a local hiking area near where I live (about 10 – 12 miles inland). At about 500 feet elevation it has several peaks that have an elevation gain close to 1000 feet.

I had forgotten last week that it was no longer June, the month of my 15 mile hikes. I had turned the calendar over to July, but forgot to increase my training by one mile. The rest of my hikes during the month of July should be 16 miles.

This week will be a Mission Trails hike. I have a friend who is very ill. He is having an open house in the early afternoon. Unless I were to start walking at 3 a.m., I will not be able to walk a continuous 16 miles Saturday morning. I will walk as far as I can in the morning, break for his open house and then come back and continue with an evening hike. Maybe I can squeeze in 16 miles. I’ll let you know.


2 comments on “Maybe Half, Maybe Not

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Geri,
    Wear a whistle around your neck when you are hiking alone just in case you are seen by a mountain lion. If you want to walk on the beach, call me.

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