Maybe Palomar Mountain

Here it is Wednesday again, May 20, and I am wondering . . . what will my training hike be this coming Saturday, May 23? Last week Southern California had a hard rain on Friday so my Saturday plans changed many times. I ended up walking the El Cajon Mountain trail, 12 – 14 miles by myself.

At the summit, El Cajon Mountain.

At the summit, El Cajon Mountain.

If you would like to see all the photos with captions, it is posted on Facebook:

I have no hiking partners for this coming Saturday, so “maybe” I will do something different, very different for me. I am going to join a “” group and hike on Palomar Mountain. Other than a short hike years and years ago, I really haven’t hiked on the Palomar Mountain hiking trails. I have signed up, I have RSVP’d, I have directions, so maybe I will find the meeting place and join them and maybe I will be able to keep up with them. I will let you know . . .

My Monday through Friday training is going well. I have a gym work out three to four days a week; and I walk for one hour after work three to four times a week almost always including a steep hill, usually the service road up Cowles Mountain. I have added to my training walking up Cowles Mountain from the main trail off Golfcrest. This trail requires me to step high up over stairs and rocks which I have been told is good training for Half Dome. I have been doing this twice a week, usually early Sunday and Wednesday mornings, before it gets too crowded.

We’ll see how it goes . . .


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