Steppin’ Out Steppin Up

Before I share my latest little discovery with you, let’s just step back in time and hear how another generation “stepped out.”

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered a little gem nestled in the small hill of Mt. Nebo in La Mesa, California—the La Mesa Secret Stairs. Come step out with me.

A friend suggested these stairs to me, and although she couldn’t explain how to find them, they were easy to find them by asking “Mr. Google.”

The web site above provided a simple map. On a hazy Wednesday afternoon in February I decided to walk these stairs. They are easy to find and easy to walk, with enjoyable views of a quiet and unique neighborhood. In the hour that I was stepping up, I saw only a few other people, but those I did see were very quiet and courteous. There was no loud music or boisterous conversations.

There are three sets of stairs. The first set of stairs, which can be found at the intersection of Windsor Drive and Canterbury Drive, are 245 steps that take you to the highest point


in La Mesa. The second set of 184 steps and the third set of 60 steps are descending—that’s 489 steps one way. That’s a lot of stepping!

As of this writing, I have only walked the first two sets both ways. I haven’t found the third set yet! Guess I have more “stepping out” to do!

See below; perhaps you can appreciate the steepness. (Click on any photo to see a larger view.)


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