Walk on the Wild Side in the Woods

Wildcats, wild turkeys and wild deer . . .

One cool November day I drove to Lake Cuyamaca in San Diego County to discover some new trails around the lake. I have driven by these trails for so many years, but hiking is still a rather new thing to me and I am always excited to discover a new trail.

My friend and I parked at the Paso Picacho State Park and crossed State Hwy 79 but did not walk up the popular trail towards Stonewall Mountain. Instead we turned north and walked on the Cold Stream Trail, going north following the highway.  It was a overcast when we started, chilly and damp. We wore all the extra clothing we had, hats, gloves, winter jackets – not the normal Southern Californian hiking gear.The temperature was probably in the low 40’s.

I am posting the link to an album I created in Flickr, as a short cut to sharing over 100 photos. The comments on most of the photos tell the story of this short mountain hike. We did not see wildcats, but we did see their footprints. I did not photograph the wild turkey. It was too quick for me, flying over us. There were plenty of deer, we probably saw at least 50 deer. If you have any questions about the photos, or comment about my posting them this way, please email me or post a comment.


(You can view these as a slide show, but may not see the comments. If you click on the first photo (a map) and then the arrow on the right to go to the next, you will see the comments on the upper right side of the page, depending on your operating system)


One comment on “Walk on the Wild Side in the Woods

  1. marsha says:

    So beautiful Geri! I am glad that you are still getting out on your long hikes and photo sessions. The weather has sure been on your side. Enjoy those hikes with the grand kids too and wear a whistle just in case you run into one of those creatures with the big paws!!

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