Suycott Wash

I know I’ve been MIA with my blog, but today I did a first. I “hiked” with my large Canon SLR digital. It is too heavy to take it on the trail. Plus, I am afraid of dropping it, or falling and damaging it, or slipping in water (should I cross a creek) and damaging it. But today I made an exception.

Last Saturday I hiked with a friend to the So. Fortuna peak in Mission Trails Regional Park in San Diego, close to where I live. I saw many wildflowers and took many pictures, but did not have the time or the camera to take many close-ups. I wanted to come back with my Canon.

Today was that day.

I went with a friend who was aware I would be taking some extra time for photography. I made one mistake; I left without my hiking poles. We entered the Mission Trails Park from the Jackson Street trailhead. We went to the Suycott Wash via the San Diego River Crossing Trail. The name of that trail is literal. We had to cross over the San Diego River (a small creek at this time of year) and without my hiking poles, I could have easily slipped and damaged my camera in my back pack. But . . . I was lucky. I made it!


If we were to slip, we could slide down these rocks.

San Diego River Crossing - walking across the sometimes loose stones and wading through water 1 - 3" deep.

San Diego River Crossing – walking across the sometimes loose stones and wading through water 1 – 3″ deep.

It was a 75-degree day with a cool breeze. Perfect for hiking and photography.

Here is my attempt at macro photography with a camera that is still smarter than me.

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One comment on “Suycott Wash

  1. Vicky Blevins says:

    Hi Geri….what wonderful places you find to hike and take photos….Your pictures are great…love the wildflowers. What would life be without our lovely Spring flowers!…Happy to hear to you stayed high and dry on your hiking adventure.
    Love, your cuz Vicky
    Joshua Tree Ca.

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