Walking in the Mist

On a cool Saturday morning in July, I walked in the mist with two of my friends in the Torrey Pines State Park, just north of La Jolla.   http://www.torreypine.org/  We decided to start on the south end and walk toward the beach parking lot, coming back to our cars later in the afternoon along the beach when we supposed it would be hotter.

We followed every trail, up and down (but not to the beach), literally walking in the mist until we got to the road that led us to the beach parking lot. There were times I felt we were in another state or even another country. The sandstone cliffs with their red rock and the wind caves could be a touch of southern Utah or the Sahara Desert in Africa.

We stopped at a picnic table near the parking lot for lunch and then walked south along the water until we had to climb the trail straight up from the beach. By then it was warm and the trail up was quite challenging, but we made it. We hiked over seven miles that day.

If you haven’t been to Torrey Pines State Park, give it a try and be sure to walk the Guy Fleming Trail. You will see wildflowers almost year ’round. Enjoy the slide show or the photos below:

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One comment on “Walking in the Mist

  1. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely stunning!

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