Balboa Park – Inez Grant-Parker Memorial Rose Garden

For those of you who do not live in the area, Balboa Park  ( is San Diego’s jewel: a city park of 1200 acres overlooking downtown high rises and the harbor. The park was commissioned in 1868, but was undeveloped until 1892 when Kate Sessions planted over 100 trees and countless shrubs and plants. Her plants and trees are still in the park. Soon after the turn of the twentieth century a master plan was finally created. With San Diego set to play host to the 1915 Panama Exposition, commemorating the opening of the Panama Canal, the Park Commissioners renamed the park, from “City Park” to its current name chosen in honor of Spanish-born Vasco Nuñez de Balboa, the first European to spot the Pacific Ocean while on exploration in Panama. The 1915-16 Panama-California Exposition provided the impetus for the creation of many cultural institutions as well as the park’s stunning, highly ornamented Spanish-Renaissance architectural style.

Some time I will take you on a photo walk of the park and its architectural buildings, but today this is about the Rose Garden. ( These photos were taken in late April. I parked my car at the old Naval Hospital and walked up the hill. After spending over an hour in the Rose Garden, I walked across the pedestrian bridge, down the Prado, past the Organ Pavillion and back to my car. The last few photos are from my walk outside of the Rose Garden. I wish you could smell the fragrance as you walk through the garden with me. Enjoy: (if you want to see a larger view of any photo, click on it and although you will leave the blog it will create a very user-friendly a slide show)

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8 comments on “Balboa Park – Inez Grant-Parker Memorial Rose Garden

  1. Jan Maynard says:

    Such beauty!!

  2. Beautiful shots! love your pictures.

  3. […] the list of all museums at Balboa Park. Some notable ones are the Museum of Photographic Arts, the Rose Garden, and they celebrate Diwali here at Balboa Park! Fee: the park is open for the public free of charge […]

  4. Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and parking tip! Is there a cost to get into this garden or is it free?

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