Independence Day in My Neighborhood

How did you spend July 4th? Did you go to the beach, attend a backyard Bar-B-Q, pool party, go to the lake, attend a parade or a concert?

I decided this year that I was going to use the day for a little R and R, hang out with myself, catch up on some yard work, lounge by the pool with a book. I started my day re-reading the Declaration of Independence, thinking of the beauty and timelessness of the document in light of today’s events. I wanted to go on a little neighborhood walk, just walk up the street and get the name of my auto shop so I could call them the following day. I left with a bottle of water, my phone and keys . . . just a short little errand.

I didn’t make it back to the house for five hours. I ended up just walking; with a day of no time constraints. I walked around my neighborhood, from the business district to the suburbs, just walking and enjoying. I stopped twice to pick up free Wi-Fi to check in with a few friends. I even ended up at the foot of Cowles Mountain and walked half way up the mountain. I was enjoying the various ways Americans were showing their red, white and blue. From business establishments to apartment buildings and houses; there were so many flags displayed. I started clicking my I-phone. On my little mountain hike, I saw many T-shirts with patriotic colors and flags, but didn’t bother stopping the hikers to ask permission to take their pictures.

Here’s a little of what I saw:

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And then ending at my house.

How did you spend Independence Day 2012?


2 comments on “Independence Day in My Neighborhood

  1. Anonymous says:

    spent fourth doing something my family always does. The children come to my house for backyard bar b que and enjoying each others company as they all work and dont see much of one another.

  2. Jan Maynard says:

    Loved this to see your neighborhood support of our freedom. Now if we can just keep it!

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