Perfume Factory

It’s spring! Late spring, I know, but what a wonderful time of the year for photography

I have been busy snapping and smelling and enjoying life bursting forth around me. Last Saturday I took a hike up Stonewall Mountain near Lake Cuyamaca. The flowers that were in bloom on the overgrown trail filled the air with the sweetest aroma. It smelled like a perfume factory on the two mile walk to the peak.

If you live in the San Diego area, don’t let  spring pass you by without trying this short hike. Enjoy the blossoms:

White blossoms against the green leaves on the path up Stonewall Mountain.

Note the overgrown trail.


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4 comments on “Perfume Factory

  1. Jan Maynard says:

    So glad you got it posted. I hope I can be there next year when they bloom

    • Geri Wilson says:

      Hi Jan: Yes, let’s try to do it together next spring. I think the timing is a little tricky. One of my friends was there just 2 wks before me and there were no blossoms, just lots green bushes. But we will try anyway, ok?

  2. Vicky Blevins says:

    Hi Geri….Wonderful walk you took me on….such lovely flowering bushes… Look forward to more of your great photo excursions..thanks for sharing!!
    Your cousin Vicky
    Joshua Tree Ca.

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