Happy 2012

The holidays are over. Mine were filled with wonderful moments spent with friends and family. I enjoyed the spirit of the season: hope and love, divine love. I enjoyed the music, the colors and the food. My New Year’s weekend was busy with work, but I had one day off to myself to celebrate. I was so fortunate to have this day off during a So. California heat wave – 80 degrees plus. I spent it organizing files, working in my yard, house cleaning and playing with my new Christmas toys. My special day started with the gift of a beautiful sunrise.

This was taken from my driveway; you can see all the telephone and utility lines, so I decided to take another shot, this one with Photoshop, and beauty-up my driveway a bit. I had the time to just sit and play. Digital editing “is” part of photography.

How fun! Welcome 2012! I wonder what I will need to edit in my life this year. Thanks for joining me in this blog; I’m looking forward to sharing pictures with you in this adventure called life.


One comment on “Happy 2012

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful! Happy New Year!

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