The Month of Giving Thanks

I don’t know who originally started the month of giving thanks on Facebook, but I noticed one of my Facebook friends a couple of years ago joining in this project. Every day you post something you are grateful for. This year I got involved on November 4th. I have decided to share my posts here on my blog, as a review of the month of my giving thanks.

It was a good exercise to be “grateful.” Some days I had to reach deep within myself to find a new reason. It is one thing to say, “Oh I feel good, I am grateful today!” It is another thing to have to actually articulate it.  For those of you that are my Facebook friends, you have already read these posts. For those of you that are not on Facebook, I share with you my month of giving thanks, copied and pasted from my Facebook wall.

Nov 4 ~ I am Thankful today that I woke up-that I am alive, every day is a gift, and today I am thankful for life. (Join with me on the month of thanks project by posting something you are thankful for every day during the month of  Nov.) Sorry I missed the first couple of days.

 Nov 5 ~ I am Thankful today for the rain that So. Calif. received yesterday, so needed.

Nov 6 ~ I am Thankful today for wonderful laughter I shared with my friend Jan yesterday. Friendship is such a treasure.

Nov 7 ~ I am Thankful today for my jobs. Double thanks for both jobs and the people I work with that allow me to live my wonderful life.

Nov 8 ~ I am Thankful today for my daughter. From the minute she was born she has enriched my life. What a gift!

Nov 9 ~ I am Thankful today that I was born in America. For all our faults, I still think America is “a shining city upon a hill.” I am so thankful to be living here.

Nov 10 ~ I am Thankful today for my good health. It was just the luck of the draw that I was born with good genes.

 Nov 11 ~ I am Thankful today for all the veterans. All the men and women from every generation that risk their lives to protect America and allow us to keep our way of life. I am so thankful for all of you. Happy Veterans Day.

 Nov 12 ~ I am Thankful today for Eleanor, Dietrich and Eva, my three grandchildren. They make me happy to wake up every day and want to live a good and long life so I can watch them grow into adulthood. I look forward because of them.

Nov 13 ~ I am Thankful today that my roof doesn’t leak – when it rains, I can come in out of the rain, into a safe dry home. I am thankful for my house.

Nov 14 ~ I am Thankful today for my big sister Dana. I may not have been so thankful when we were kids; when I was the little sister, always in the way, never able to keep up, but trying. But today I am so thankful for her friendship, wisdom, encouragement and optimism.

Nov 15 ~ I am Thankful today for second chances.

Nov 16 ~ I am Thankful today for my boss of almost 30 years, Dr. Gary Prodanovich, a man of honor, a real man of integrity.

Nov 17 ~ I am Thankful today for hair. I may not have much hair, but I am glad I have hair.

 Nov 18 ~ I am Thankful today for Friday. I couldn’t resist it; it has been one of those weeks. It’s been eight days of sheer . . . well NOT delight. TGIF everyone, let’s celebrate the weekend coming!

Nov 19 ~ I am Thankful today for S. E. the improvements she is making with her young life. Bad news travels quickly, good news travels slowly. I am thankful for good, happy news, knowing someone is struggling and yet able to change and improve, is another reason to be thankful in this month of giving thanks. S.E., you honor the hours R. B. poured into you; you honor the good memories.

Nov 20 ~ I am Thankful today for a simple uncomplicated day off.

Nov 21 ~ I am Thankful today for Penny Whitcomb, who invited me to church in the fifth grade. It was the beginning my walk with Jesus. (Though I have often strayed off the straight and narrow path)

Nov 22 ~ I am Thankful today for my co-worker Lee Fullbright who inspires me every day. We have worked together for 28 plus years and every day is a treat when she walks through the door.

Nov 23 ~ I am Thankful today Dale Wilson, my dead “X”, who broke my heart and gave me the opportunity to really learn that a broken heart can heal. Now I am left only with the good memories, the laughter. On his last shift before any holiday he would say, “now it’s time for Holiday Rootie Tootie.” That is now a part of my work language; his legacy to me. I am thankful for “the good times.” And yes, it is now “Holiday Rootie Tootie!” Have a thankful day everyone.

Nov 24 ~ Thanksgiving Day. I am Thankful today for UCSD Medical Center. I started working there in 1988 as a part-time job to help out with my daughter’s college expenses. I didn’t need the money, it was just a fluke job; I was married, financially secure, just a little extra money for the college fund. But when my world turned upside down and my marriage ended, UCSD, that little fluke of an extra job, saved me. It kept me from poverty, which is what happens to a lot of divorced women. It saved my home. When I lost my health benefits, it gave me good and affordable health care. Thank you UCSD Medical Center, where I will spend my day today working a holiday shift. I am so grateful!

Nov 25 ~ I am Thankful today for postal services in this country. With the United States Postal Service I can click and ship from my home – I sent four packages today, did everything in my pj’s. UPS, Fed Ex, all of them, we are so lucky that we have postal services that will deliver anywhere, with tracking systems if something goes wrong. In the last week I have dealt with the US Post Office, UPS and FedEx – all have given good service and I am thankful for the people working there.

Nov 26 ~ I am Thankful today for my friend Brian who is coming over today to help me put up my outside Christmas lights. Every single woman needs a tall male friend and Brian is exceptional; so helpful, knows just about everything about anything that is technical, and did I mention that he is tall (but isn’t everyone to me?). I am so thankful for my friend.

Nov 27 ~ I am Thankful today for the beautiful red sunrise and my magnolia tree silhouetted by the magenta sky; and that I had nowhere to be in a hurry and could just sit and watch the red turn to golden sunshine against the pale baby blue morning sky.

Nov 28 ~ I am Thankful today for cousins. I have lots of cousins, and you know who you are. Blevins cousins and Walter cousins. I am so glad you are in my life. Some of you, I grew up with playing and conniving against our parents; some of you I met as an adult and we became friends. Some, I actually have never met, but we e-mail and talk on FB and you are a part of my family. I count all cousins the same, first cousins, first cousins once removed, twice removed; you are all special to me, connected by nurture or nature to our grandparents. I share your pain when you lose a loved one and celebrate when a new cousin is born. I am so thankful for all of you. Thank you for being connected to me.

Nov 29 ~ I am Thankful today for my mother. I was born in Hot Springs Arkansas. At the time we were temporarily living with my grandmother. When I was two weeks old, my parents poured us in a car and left for So. Dakota for a singing gig. They were professional musicians then. I got very sick (whooping-cough) and spent the first months of my life in a hospital. So infant Geri did not bond to her mother. Later I wondered if she was even my mom. She was so talented, a musician (played many string instruments), a comedian (audiences loved her), singer (perfect pitch), practical mechanical skills (grew up on a farm and could figure anything out); I was in awe of her. I was none of those things. But, she gave me such a gift, not of her music, but of her strength. She taught me not to be anyone’s victim, to be a designer of my own destiny, and just “do it” and don’t whine. RIP Ethel Ruth Blevins aka Texas Lil, and thank you!

Nov 30 ~ I am Thankful today for my eyesight. I woke up this morning like every other morning with the ability to “see.” I work for an ophthalmologist and every day I see people, for no fault of their own with diminishing eyesight. Sometimes it is caused by a systemic disease; sometimes it is just a freak accident. So I don’t take my eyesight for granted; I am so thankful that “today” that I can see.

November is over, and now it is full steam ahead into the Christmas holiday season. I hope I will continue in the spirit of thankfulness.


5 comments on “The Month of Giving Thanks

  1. Vicky Blevins says:

    Goodmorning Geri..Just finished reading your Month of Giving Thanks…You have inspired me to put the “Pen to Paper” daily and will start today!
    Take care,
    Your cousin Vicky
    Joshua Tree, CA

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is really lovely.

  3. Jan Maynard says:

    I enjoyed all your writings.. Dennis Prager has so many comments on gratefulness. Im going to look for his best summary when i get a chance. I’ll forward or send them. Truly the art of being happy – be grateful. I found that to be so true when we had no home of our own and no food in Spokane. Every day, I was soooo thankful to God for so many little things! It was awesome.

  4. Lorraine says:

    I have always admired Geri’s grateful attitude and her ability to laugh today over difficult challenges in the past. All she has gone through has made her the women she is today. Geri and I met back in 1977 through our daughters Tara and Evangeline. The girls were only 7yrs old. How time flys. She has been a blessing in my life and always will be.

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